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Trick And Treat


The perfect magic routine for your Halloween shows! Everyone’s favourite thing about Halloween is always trick or treating, unfortunately for us magician’s we never make it out on Halloween on time and there are never any sweets left for us. Well now this doesn’t have to be a problem, not with this brand-new effect by Razamatazz Magic Ltd. Just think now you can turn any old sweet wrappers that you find left over at the bottom of the Halloween tubs into brand new uneaten lovely sweets that you can share with your audience.

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More details:

Only limited by your own imagination. You could turn black silks into spiders (even real ones) or green silks into gooey green slime!
Very easy to perform, handcrafted in the UK By Razamatazz Magic Ltd.
Trick or Treat Routine by Sammy Magic Magic Copyright Razamatazz Magic LTD 2017