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Non Toxic - Glue Illusion


A wonderful offbeat utility prop from Bizzaro that will allow you to perform odd moments of magic wherever you are. It looks like a normal bottle of white glue, but it allows you to perform some amazing tricks!

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Pour the glue into your hand, along with some sugar. It changes into a sugar cube! Pour the glue into your mouth. It looks like you are eating the glue !
It is just plain amazing. Non-Toxic is 100% safe and there is no mess whatsoever !

Great for comedy performers, children's entertainers, sideshow freaks, and even those of you who want to do some serious magic. Transform items, restore ripped up objects, glue things to people or just eat it !

Best of all, Non-Toxic fits in your pocket.

It's safe, it's fun, it's strange, it's Non-Toxic !