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Squeeky Saltshaker (Small)


The squeaky saltshaker is a great prop for any magicians, clowns and children's entertainers, to add a bit of comedy into a magic show.

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Here is a great bit of business for all entertainers and especially children's entertainers. Here if a fantastic large salt or pepper shaker which makes a funny squeaky noise when the performer shakes it up and down. Can be seen easily by an audience. Perfect when you want to reach for magic or woofle Dust in your show !

The sponge ball is just for size comparison !

Great bit of business from Terry Herbert. Every time the magician shakes the Salt Shaker, no noise comes out of it (hole is covered) but every time a child shakes the magic dust from it, it makes a loud squeak ! Great running gag throughout the show

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Squeaky Wand (£ 16.00 inc VAT)

This giant wand is a great addition to any routine. When you pick an assistant from the audience, you hand them a giant magic wand which keeps making a funny squeaky sound and of course makes the children giggle and laugh. Great bit of fun to add into any show for children's entertainers Easy instructions included.