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Puppet Wand - Walter Wand


Another Razamatazz Magic exclusive. AVAILABLE ON PRE-ORDER NOW ! ... The name is Wand, Walter Wand, licenced to thrill !!! Here is the original fantastic character wand from Razamatazz Magic. You have never seen a magic wand like this before. Walter is a fully animated magic wand. Made by a master craftsman and is built to last, take a look and be amazed at this great prop ! This is hand made on order. This takes 10 weeks approx to make.

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Walter is a large JUMBO sized wand !

Although large in size the wand is very light in weight so can be used like a normal wand by any child. Walter also has his own special stand to hold him in place until needed. Keep him out of sight under large magic cloth or silk until you wish to introduce him into the show. The mechanics are strong and robust with simple, smooth control for ease of use. There is much potential for fun with this amazing new prop !

Easy to use

Easy to use

You have never seen a magic wand like this before

Walter's head can easily be made to move left and right, mouth open and shut and even eyes to open and shut, also Walter can be placed in his special stand with eyes shut as if he is asleep or eyes wide open. Makes a really nice magical display in any show and will get the children guessing about what he does. If you already have a puppet in your routine then Walter wand would fit in nicely in any magic show. Ideal for venting or if you do not want to vent then you can just have Walter wand whisper in your ear instead !

Comments from customers

Comments from customers

Genuine new ideas for magic wands dont come up very often. With Walter the Wand, Razamatazz have hit upon a truely unique concept that childrens entertainers should grab with both hands and wave like mad!
A super character that will add fun to every show.
Best regards - Steve Dimmer

I have just purchased Walter Wand from Razamatazz and its great !!!
Magician's and Children alike will love it.
Just seen the video of Walter Wand it's fabulous.
No wonder they are selling out fast. Regards - Shiela Linnell

Hi, just to say thank you for my new wand. I tried it out for the
first time yesterday ,and i must say how great it went down the kids
really took to it . I put a small script together and was fantastic, using the stand was good as i told everyone he was a sleep then i moved
the stand a bit for him to wake up then sleep the kids where going wild
the when i started the vent bit another great reaction i kept using him
all through the show fantastic i must say , a lot of money but what a prop !!!
Have to go now to more shows and look forward to using my new prop again - Jimbo from funtime.

I kids will ADORE this, if done well. But, as it's a puppet, there's no reason why with suitable banter, older kids and adults won't like it as well. I'll definitely use it in a family show. Surely, this will be one of those things that is talked about endlessly the day after the party, in the playground? A cheeky magic wand that answers back, makes you mess up your tricks, deliberately makes the "wrong" magic happen, etc. And when you put the little fella back on his stand, he closes his eyes and goes to sleep! The kids will demand the wand is used in every trick, I imagine. This is one of the cleverest ideas I've seen in years for the kids' entertainer. It's inherently funny, and opens up Worlds of possibilities!

Well done Andy and Sue, for making this product look SO cool. Potty Pirate

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