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Miracle Rabbit


Another Razamatazz Magic exclusive. A Spectator chooses a top hat card from a selection of 8 cards. The magician shows all the other cards match the chosen card but after a little magic all the cards change.

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A version of this trick was performed by Michael Ammar at the Blackpool 50th Magic Convention with bicycle playing cards. It’s included on his easy to master card miracle series as the ‘8 card brainwave’ by ‘Nick Trost’. Since then there have been various different versions on the market. It has a big impact which is totally
self working and requires only minimal practice with a simple piece
of sleight of hand. Here is our version with Rodney the Magic Rabbit.

The effect

The effect

You show 8 colourful high quality cards with pictures of a magic rabbit hutch on them. You can cut the cards as many times as you like to mix them. After fanning the cards, you ask a volunteer to point to a card. They do. Before the card is selected you ask if the volunteer wants to change their mind. It does not matter at this point if they do or not. The chosen card is shown to the volunteer then placed face down on the table. You then show that all your cards are the same, all empty hats. but after some magic from the volunteer and to the amazement of the audience the chosen card has now changed to a rabbit in a hat !

Miracle Rabbit

Miracle Rabbit

These magic cards also have a beautifully illustrated magic cage on the all the backs.
Cards are professionally laminated for long life and ease of use.

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