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Cut The Cards


Another Razamatazz Magic exclusive. Classic magic where 3 cards are dealt out to 3 spectators. Then a folded piece of newspaper is cut with scissors. When the paper is unfolded the first chosen card has been cut out in the paper, amazingly the same paper is re cut to display the second & third chosen cards perfectly.

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When you receive your special cut the cards trick you will be able to perform a mini miracle where in front of spectators you are able to perform this very visual magic. It is self working with no complicated slights. Comes with pre made template and simple instructions to make up many more in minutes. This trick can be made stage sized with a full sheet of newspaper or a smaller piece of A4 sized plain paper for close up. Powerful easy to do magic, this truely is an amazing trick to see !

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Black Sheep (£ 8.00 inc VAT)

The Black Sheep. An effect where you pass a red velvet bag with five marbles (four black one white) to five spectators and each person removes one of the marbles and holds tightly in their hand while the magician looks away. The magician can correctly identify who is holding the white marble even though he cannot see what is in their hands.

Mystifying Matchbox (£ 5.00 inc VAT)

A match box is shown and shaken to prove that it is real, the match box cover is pushed off and with a clap of the hands it vanishes, only to re appear in your pocket. Totally self working and incredibly easy to do magic.Easy to do.

I'll Show You How It's Done (£ 5.00 inc VAT)

I'll Show You How It's Done. One of the best paper tear tricks you will see. After showning how to do an amazing step by step tear and restore paper trick the spectators are utterly amazed with a sucker ending where the impossible happens.