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Rabbit Rampage

Just want to say I received Rabbit Rampage today, and boy was I Impressed. The quality of the product is second to none, well worth the price. I can't wait to hear the kids screaming and pointing at that cheeky rabbit. Thank you Razamatazz:-)
David Forsyth

Just a few comments from customers about Razamatazz magic's service

Just a few comments from customers about Razamatazz magic's service

Again met the brilliant Razamatazz which was the winner of the best dealer stand at the IBM 2010. They have some excellent props and are the future of children's magic - Fresh, Fun and Funky. Be ahead of the game and keep magic living!
Razmatazz have just released a new motorised rabbit, yes before you ask it is a lot of money! Is it worth it? Well... do you want the gigs? If the answer is yes and you want the edge on your competition order one today !

Matt Parro

Hi Razamatazz Magic

Your Potty Painting effect looks fantastic! Shelley and I love your products and think you are on the right path to hang in this crazy business. Good luck and keep the cool new ideas coming!

Chance Wolf (Wolf Magic) (USA)

Fantastic service from Razamatazz Magic. My order arrived in less than Twenty-four hours - super quick delivery. The items I've brought are wonderfully made, beautiful quality and are sure-fire winners with the kids. It's nice that they actually all come in their own protective cases, to keep them in prestine condition, great idea. I can't wait till Christmas to start using my Santa's Surprise. Thanks again for the great service and I look forward to buying more from you in the future
Andy Kirk (Andy's Magic)

Hi guys, thanks for the christmas Santa's surprise..and i still cannot get my head around it arriving yesterday thats only 4 days from order to delivery (12000miles....) that certainly is magic. regards
Zappo (New Zealand)

Hi, got mine today it's brill and only orded it yesterday at 3pm and was at my door 8-30am today what service: we as childrens entertainers will always support and buy props like this, the art work is stunning thank you Razamatazz magic for making my day
Jimbo (England)

I received my order Thursday Morning from the order on Wednesday afternoon !
The 2 items are perfect in their production and a lot of time and thought has been put into them. I especially like the fact that you have also considered the Xmas season. I very much appreciate your efforts to date and will be looking forward to seeing your future products
Mike Bradshaw - Tricky Micky (England)

Got mine delivered on friday morning and it was in a birthday show that day I was that impressed. I found that it played really well I have used who's who at the zoo for years and It has always got the reaction i wanted. The new trick gave me every bit as much and it is bigger and brighter and seriously up to date. Its worth much more than it cost every day of the week. I like the price because it stops the average joe buying it as they can have an older out dated alternative that does the same thing at a fraction of the price
James Kennedy (Scotland)

Hi Guys, I have used mine quite a few times now, even once on an 85 year old and he loved it
(Wow Wee) Ryan Magician (South Africa)

I bought Potty Painting from you recently. Wow it’s the best bit of magic I have got in a long time. When you perform this routine and produce the card at the end with the Birthday child’s name on, the children’s faces are a picture. And the first time I performed this I got a booking from a parent saying that they wanted their child to have a magic birthday card with their name on too. Kind Regards
Joseph Jay (kidz party)

I Just took delivery of my order today, terrific service, thank you very much ....................... I love the bright colours and the images, having used the 'old' Farmyard Frolics for years, this will go straight into the show. Magical Regards
Sean Brannigan MMC (Ireland)

Razamatazz are going to finally bring UK magic into the 21st Century. I love the look of "Rabbit Rampage", superb graphics. But as a pirate, I can't use that - "Santa's Surprise" will work for me though, so I was delighted to get my hands on a set. This is the most beautiful version of "Farmyard Frolicks" yet. Also, there is more logic than in other versions, as well as a nice touch that you can turn the folder around and the kids won't see the Santa cut-out at the back. Keep your eyes out for this company - I feel sure they are going to wow the world of kids' entertainment with lots of very cool effects!
Doug - The Potty Pirate (England)

Well what can I say the game arrived at 7.30 am today. We have already played it! My daughters (14 & 17) took on two friends who were staying with us. They had so much fun and some curious answers.

The game is simple but so much fun after I finished the questions they then started using the buckets in the same was as the number game is played on countdown (they thought of a number and then tried to make that number from the buckets) My wife is a teacher and is going to borrow them for a session with her children who have difficulties with numbers. All this
before 9.00 on a Saturday morning. Fantastic.As always the quality is brilliant. Keep up the good work. Many Thanks
Bob Pamplin - Bob's Your Uncle (England)

Bought Razamatazz Magic's bucket game at the British Ring Convention and used it in a show today for the first time. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not very into games but I have to say I was very impressed by the reaction it got from both the children and the parents. I'll definitely be adding this to my longer shows in future
Kimmo (England)

Received Rabbit Rampage today. Can't believe it only took such a short time to get here. It's absolutely beautiful!
Slydini (USA)

I've just received my Rabbit Rampage thank you for such a quick delivery. I thought I'd drop you a line to say how very impressed I am. I used to use Who's Who at the Zoo so I know how strong the fomat plays with the kids, but mine got a bit tatty and I felt it looked a bit old fashioned and I've been looking for ages for a replacement, I wanted something different and better. Well Rabbit Rampage fits the bill perfectly, it's so well made and the graphics are terrific and it's well worth the wait, I look forward to putting in my show
Clive "Emazdad" Hemsley (England)

I ordered rabbit rampage on Friday 12th and received it via airmail today! That's 4 days turnaround from the UK to Hong Kong - amazing service!!! The trick is also absolutely STUNNING! The graphics are superb and the animals literally 'leap' off the card at you! It really brings Farmyard Frolics, Who's Who and Pet Store Pranks into the 21st Century!!! The ending is also very ingenious...and provides a fitting climax to a timeless trick! I am hereby a fan of Razmatazz Magic for life! I was so impressed that I actually called Andy long-distance just to praise him and thank him for updating this classic and releasing it to the magic fraternity. I will surely place an order for the Santa version (just in time for Christmas) and eagerly look forward to the coming attractions! For all of you still 'on the fence'.GET RABBIT RAMPAGE!!! It's a "No Brainer!"
Magic Bern (Hong Kong)

I have to say I have bought both Rabbit Rampage and Subsequently Santa's surprise. Both look stunning and visual. They are well packed in a plastic case and play big.The quality is brilliant too. They have certainly thought this through. Razamatazz are offering a great new look to childrens magic props, and are thoroughly nice people to talk to. I can not wait to see what they produce next
Dr Pop (England)

Just used Rabbit Rampage in my latest show on the cruise ship I am working on. It went down a storm everyone loved the look of the prop. many thanks
Bob Pamplin (England)

Thanks very much for a super fast delivery and one very exellent effect. When I got the package Saturday I could not believe the packaging, the cards, in fact all of it was absolutely fantastic. The best bit 100% British made quality I can't wait to get the santa effect. I want to pass your name around but also want to keep Rodney to myself for a while to create something new that other magicians don't have in Brighton.......but I will if pressed.. I absolutely love the routine and haven,t put it down yet, it blends so well into the funky monkey routines.Thanks again for something fresh and new
Stephan - Funky Monkey (England)

Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for this truly fantastic effect. I have not had a really full play with it but will later as I will be using it tomorrow !!!! It looks sensational, and the smaller version is perfect for popping in your wallet for weddings! Thanks again, kindest regards
Martin Sanderson (Gold Star Member of The Magic Circle) (England)

Hello!, Today the items are delivered, thank you so much!!! This are the most beautiful cards I have ever seen.....Best Regards
Robert Ganahl (Austria)

Hi guys! Just did Santa Surprise for the first time and, as expected, it was a big hit !!! Have you thought about making nice stands that would work with this and the rabbit trick? Hope you're well
Mike Bent (USA)

Just wanted you to know I have started to use the Birthday Card painting effect and I like it a lot. It will take a little time to get a nice routine for it but I have used it already and the kids love the bright picture on the card. I have of course printed inside a magician... stars.... Magic spell and all my details inside, they just love it. Hope to use it in every show for a long time. Magical Regards
Sean Brannigan MMC (Ireland)

Can I just say what brilliant products you are producing, the latest two I got from you have proved a smash with the kids and some magicians (gloats with glee). I have always looked for something seasonal and different now I have them and now working on a great routine (I hope) that links into other bits of magic emulating from the Santa Suprise and multiplying santa. But the best bit is the quick and positive way you dispatch the items.

I have already given your web address to magician friends in Australia and Maylasia thanks again for brilliant products and fantastic service. I can highly recommend Razamatazz Magic and its products. Here is to the next time and I hope it will be soon.
Many Thanks
Steeve B - Funky Monkey Magic (England)

Just a quick note to congratulate you both on producing such a first class product ! Absolutely fantastic graphics ! First Class Service, First Class Product – Well Done guys, good luck for the future.
Kind regards
Russ Stokes (England)

It's hard to top what has already been said but i have to say that Rabbit Rampage is the best children's trick i have ever seen. Many Thanks
Mr Tickles (Cornwall, England)

Your service is brilliant! Ordered Rabbit Rampage yesterday afternoon and postman delivered it early this morning (even with a postal strike-Phenomenal! ) I am thrilled with how fantastically well made Rabbit Rampage is. The sturdy case it comes in, the instructions and the actual A4 cards are tip top quality. After being disappointed many a time with dreary, old fashioned and poor quality products from a few magic stores this is without a doubt the best looking magic I've ever received . Razamatazz have restored my faith and I can't wait to use them again in the very near future. Until then, I can't wait to use this tomorrow!

Thank you so so much
Adrienne Madath - Pinka Blu (Surrey, England)

Hi there, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the Rabbit Rampage effect. It arrived the next day by special delivery as promised. I used it just 2 days later to a school party of ............... "200" children ranging from Nursey to Year 2 and my ears are still ringing from all the screams telling me when Rodney kept peeping out! Thank you again.
Kind Regards
Sean Casey-Poole (Mickey Take)

This is just brilliance, modern and yet traditional!
By now most people know how great the trick itself is, however I’d like to further my praise to Andy and Sue personally for outstanding customer service.

They were away for two weeks but must have dispatched Rabbit Rampage the second they returned home, I received it in superfast time and their communication was brilliant.

Product = 10/10 – Customer Service = 10/10.
Returning customer? Definitely!

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