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Magic Tips

Trick Suggestions

All the material in this section has been contributed by Razamatazz Magic customers. Here you will find suggestions and advice on our products. Maybe you have ideas or tips which you would like to share. If so, please contact us by phone or email and we share your ideas with others !

Potty Painting

Potty Painting

Great tip when using Potty Painting. If you have difficulty locating the folder flaps to pull down during the tricks routine, here is a great tip from Ozzy.

Take a standard pin and insert it into the top of the first flap so that it is sticking up slightly. This then helps your pick up the first flap on the folder very easily.

Then push a second pin into the side of the second folder near the top (in the thumbing space) and this helps locate the second flap to safely pull both flaps together to show the trick window.
Tip supplied by: Ozzy D

Santa's Surprise

Santa's Surprise

One idea for Santa's Surprise - the image of the vanished Santa looks like Santa shaped SNOWMAN (it's not a punched-out card) could claim that Santa has turned into a snowman, pick up the house and sadly tell the kids that now no-one will be around to put the presents under the tree.

Open the folder to show the sad empty tree. Then after you close the folder again, start howling and crying like a baby because Santa turned into a snowman (kids always love it when magicians cry over things like this).

Of course, that's when Santa appears popping out from the house, should get a HUGE scream from the kids..... Thanks Potty for the idea - we are sure YULE enjoy using it ! - Ha ha !
Tip supplied by: Potty Pirate (Doug)

Rabbit Rampage

Rabbit Rampage

Heres a great idea for the peep out rabbit in Rabbit Rampage. In the middle of the blue stared back of the peep out rabbit (this is the cut rabbit situated in the pocket on the rear of the trick) cut a small square making sure you do not go through to the front of the card and gently take away the top layer to reveal the grey board below. Now insert a thin piece of metal cut to the same size as the hole and then glue the cut out square back into place.

Now during performance if you attach a hidden magnet to your back, if you pass the hutch folder behind your back the rabbit will pick up on the magnet and stick. Now when you turn round, the children can see the rabbit !!! This is great for a fun bit of business !!!
Tip supplied by: Jimbo