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Magic Dave's Magic

Magic Dave's is one of the UK's most demanded children's and family entertainers. We offer some of his best loved products.

Back to the future Booking (2 disc set)

Do you want more bookings? Of course you do. Lets get people talking about your show and make you the entertainer of choice in your area. In this DVD see Magic Dave (Dave Allen) performing all new magic, puppet routines and illusions in this sell out family show. He will also give you a complete walk through of all his equipment used in the show and why !
The second disc deal with the secrets of the office, how to deal with enquiries, taking payments, adding to the show, marketing and other tips.
£ 25.00

Back to the future Booking (2 disc set) (normal)

Bish Bash Bosh by Magic Dave

Magic Dave is one of the UK's most demanded children's and family entertainers. This DVD will show you some of his favourite routines, ideas and advice and explain the workings of them and why they work so well.

Learn and be inspired ! Others have already learnt form Magic Dave's professional approach to children's entertainment and have grown their business to the highest level. Runing Time 1 hr 25 mins
£ 15.00

Bish Bash Bosh by Magic Dave (normal)

PartyTime 2 (by Magic Dave)

The sequel to Partytime. This new DVD is original from partytime 1. Prepare to be inspired again whether you are starting out in this wonderful business, or a season professional, Magic Dave will show you something you can use at your next party.
£ 15.00

PartyTime 2 (by Magic Dave) (normal)

Partytime DVD (by Magic Dave)

You have been invited to join Magic Dave at one of his most popular party packages a full two-hour party. Watch and learn from this DVD as he takes you completely through the entire party. You will see how it is run from the true moment he arrives at the venue all the way to the end of the party.
This DVD will teach and inspire you to become a better children's entertainer, so sit down relax and let the party begin!
£ 15.00

Partytime DVD (by Magic Dave) (normal)

The Magic Line Tape (Green)

This tape with 'The magic Line' printed on it. Ideal to keep children from interfering with your show. Available in green. Length over 60 metres.
£ 5.00

The Magic Line Tape (Green) (normal)